Unbeatable performance due to unique features

The new development in the field of discontinuous fabric dyeing machines with a performance that beats everything seen before – the FabricMaster is loaded with functionality and features:

  • Programmable nozzle for adjusting to fabric weight variations and programmable speed controlled internal fabric plaiter
  • Self-cleaning filter with automated monitoring of lint build-up
  • Lowest liquor ratio of any water driven piece dyeing machine through optimized chamber
  • Programmable winch with digital speed indication
  • Operator platform with stainless steel structure
  • Fast heating gradients with high capacity heat exchanger
  • Halogen lighting for the inside of the machine
  • Programmable nozzle pressure through speed controlled pump and differential pressure control feed back loop
  • Pre-fabricated connection piping system
  • Automated add tank with dosing and mixing function
  • Dosing pump

News for dyehouses

Design of chamber, winch and intensive tube allow to evenly dye Lycra-Viscose blends as well as other elastic fabrics open with, free of crease marks and rolled in edges. Therefore the coumbersome, time and cost consuming process steps – sewing into rope form and and after dyeing cutting into open width – are not needed.