HYDROC – Hydro-extracting technology for superior quality

Do you accept bobbins like these?

hydro-extractor Hydroc

It is time to switch to a HYDROC!

One-head hydro-extractor

Hydroc 8 / Hydroc 10

Best quality in hydroextracting of bobbins. These machines provide a capacity of 300 to 500 bobbins per hour.

Hydroc I

The one spindle Hydroc for laboratory or small production with upto 60 bobbins per hour.

Advantages to convince anyone

HYDROC stands for 50 years of experience in hydro-extracting bobbins. Economical, reliable and with a quality yet unmatched by any other centrifuge are the reasons for the worldwide success of the HYDROC.

The hydro-extractor HYDROC carefully and efficiently removes excess moisture from wet packages at high speed around their own axis without any deformation of the yarn package. The continuously turning round table is provided with flanged spindle bearings with a hydro-head on each one. In the area of the operating orifice the hydro-heads stand still for loading and unloading. As soon as a hydro-head is moved under the cover it will be accelerated to the nominal speed and the package is centrifuged.

    • No deformation of the packages.
    • Excellent rewinding properties. Rewinding can even be eliminated in a lot of cases.
    • Low residual moisture.
    • Even humidity distribution through the package.
    • Low energy consumption.
    • Dyeing tubes last longer.
    • Processes many different size packages.
    • Operator of centrifuge can also load dryer.
    • Maintenance-free brakes.
    • Closed system for effluent.
    • Low compressed air consumption.
    • Significant energy savings.
    • Low noise level.
    • Ergonomic design.