Water Supply System WSS

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Water Supply System WSS

The water supply system WSS is used to supply textile machines with hot water. Optionally the system can be supplied with a cold water module. Also available is the high efficiency heat recovery module, which allows to recover the heat from waste water to produce hot water. Due to the high savings in energy costs, the optional heat recovery module has a payback time of less than a year. The line pressure is constantly supervised by the controller and regulated by the increasing or decreasing pump speed depending on the pressure measured.

Required water tanks can be supplied by LAB-PRO GmbH or alternatively made locally according to our specification, to safe transportation costs and in some cases manufacturing costs. Connecting to existing water tanks can be done as well.

If a host system such as Orgatex or Sedomaster is used, the controller of the WSS can be connected to it to have remote information regarding the state of the whole water supply system.

A system is equipped with following main modules:

  • Controller and sensors to control and regulate line pressure.
  • Stainless steel water tanks.
  • Stainless steel warm water pump.


  • Stainless steel cold water pump.
  • Heat recovery system, consisting of control valve and waste water feed pump, sensor to pump the waste water.
  • Booster module.