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New in the area of jiggers

JigMaster – the new development in the field of discontinuous fabric dyeing machines with a performance that beats everything seen before. The design of the vat, batching rollers, expanders and drive technology allows even and low-tension dyeing of the most delicate and difficult woven fabrics free of crease and edge marks.

The JigMaster is loaded with functionality and features

  • Optimal, constant fabric tension and speed due to frequency controlled electric drives.
  • Integrated, self-cleaning filter station without maintenance intervals.
  • Fast and tensionless unloading with frequency controlled debatching device.
  • Frequency controlled batching rolls with digital speed indication.
  • Two stainless steel circulation pumps with mechanical seal.
  • Extra wide windows for free sight onto the fabric flow.
  • Entire fabric width illuminated for the supervision of the process.
  • Two bath execution of the vat for reduction of the rinse water.
  • Three convex guide rollers for improved fabric guidance in the dye bath.
  • Balanced expanders for crease-free winding.
  • Fast heating gradients with high capacity heat exchanger.
  • Pre-fabricated connection piping system.
  • Fully automatic add tank with mixing and dosing function.
  • Dosing pump.


  • Frictionless fabric trasnport due to innovatice drive technology.
  • Ceramic bearings on all guide rollers allow a smooth fabric transport.
  • Accurate measuring of the batch length (shrinkage and extension).
  • Precise approach to sampling point.
  • Reduction of passages due to innovative construction of the jigger.
  • Enormous savings in energy costs such as water, steam and electricity.
  • Reduced quantity of chemicals due to improved mixing and dosing function.
  • Mainentance-free drive system.
  • Variable, adjustable pendulum times.