Dyeing machine IRD

Laboratory / Dyeing machine IRD

Infrared Laboratory Dyeing Machine IRD-IV

The infrared laboratory dyeing machine dyes woven or knitted textile samples made of natural as well as synthetic base material. For heating an infrared source is being used and cooling is done by means of air. The whole dyeing process is controlled and supervised by a state of the art controller from Becatron Switzerland.

Main advantages

  • Crease- and spot-free sample dyeings.
  • Knitted and woven fabrics as well as yarn can be dyed.
  • Cotton, wool and synthetic materials.
  • State of the art process controller with large integrated program memory.
  • Low liquor ratio: 1:5 fabric dyeing cotton.
  • Stainless steel cabinet.
  • Soda ash adding without opening the beakers.
  • No glycerin or cooling water needed.
  • Very good price / performance value.

Dosing innovation for liquid and powder chemicals

Old type lab dyeing machines do not provide the possibility for adding the chemicals without opening the lid. Newer lab machines do have an injection system in which by means of an injection device and a membrane integrated in the lid, the chemical is injected into the beaker, which entails various disadvantages. Our system has following advantages:

  • With the optional specially designed lids, powder as well as liquid chemicals can be put into a small beaker (separated from the dye bath).
  • Actuating a lever (time approx. 3 seconds per beaker = less than 1 minute for a 16 beaker machine) initiates the slow dilution of the chemical into the dye bath (beaker lid must not be opened to activate this process).
  • Comparing the above systems with our system: Beakers do not move for only one minute. This increases the quality (less wrinkle and crease marks).
  • Since the chemical mixes slowly with the dye bath, concentrated chemicals are not touching the fabric and the fabric is dyed spot-free.