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Laboratory Padder LP and LDP

The laboratory padder is used for resin finishing application of knitted and woven fabrics. The pressure is adjustable and the padder speed is approximately 2 m/min.

Depending on the pressure setting and the fabric specification, pick up values between 65 % and 85 % can be reached. The 400 m wide padding mangle with 125 mm diameter is made of NBR rubber and the machine is a solid and compact table design made of stainless steel.

Main advantages

  • Laboratory padder for resin finishing application of knitted and woven fabrics.
  • Padder speed: 5 rpm = 2 m/min.
  • Pressure adjustable (0.1 – 0.6 kg/cm² = 1 – 6 bar) for different applications resulting in different pickups of finishing agents.
  • Depending on pressure setting (normally 0.1 – 0.3 kg/cm² = 1 – 3 bar) and fabric specification (weight and structure), pick up is between 65 % and 85 %.
  • Width: 400 mm, diameter: 125 mm (LP) respecively 200 mm (LDP)
  • Padding mangle made of NBR rubber or Hypalon.
  • Solid and compact table design.
  • All stainless steel design.
  • Plug and play (only electrical and air connection needed).
  • Excellent price value ratio.

Laboratory Padder LP

Laboratory Padder LDP