Master Rinse

Dyeing Machines / BeamMaster / Master Rinse

Master Rinse – function for individual rinsing:

After a dyeing process in extremely low liquor ratio, the bath is exchanged repeatedly at an increased liquor volume.


  • Number of bath exchanges and fresh water volume freely programmable.

Two In One Rinse – combined cooling and rinsing

An automatically controlled function that saves processing time by cooling the machine while rinsing simultaneously. Fresh water is heated in heat exchanger before being introduced into the dyeing autoclave. The temperature of the fresh water is controlled in such a manner that an efficient cooling process starts. When reaching a pre-defined level in the autoclave, the dye bath dilution process starts by combining draining and rinsing steps.


  • High cooling gradient saves time. Cooling from 105°C to 80°C takes just 2 minutes.
  • Cooling water consumption is decreased by 1’000 to 4’000 liters on each cool down cycle.
  • Shorter process times due to high cooling gradient and simultaneous rinsing.