Master fill

Dyeing Machines / JigMaster / Master Fill

Master Fill – Re-filling of the machine to the correct liquor ratio

The repeatability of the dyeing process depends on an accurate control of the liquor ratio. In order to accurately control the fill volumes, the FabricMaster machine employs the memory fill system where the liquor ratio can be maintained at the desired value, taking into consideration the liquor retention of the fabric.

  • The initally empty machine is automatically filled to the desired liquor ratio, based on the fabric load.
  • When loading the machine, the fabric displaces liquor but also absorbs it. A different liquor level is the result.
  • The fabric is wetted completely and the liquor level in the machine drops slightly.
  • The liquor level is memorized while the machine is running.
  • Each re-filling of the machine is carried out to the memorized liquor level thus ensuring an accurate re-establishment of the desired liquor ratio.


  • Increased reproducibility.
  • Better control of chemical concentrations, salinity and pH.
  • Better fabric running conditions with correct liquor level.
  • No overfilling when changing the bath.
  • No operator errors due to automated control.