Dyeing Machines / SynthMaster SM

Dyeing non-preheat-setted woven and knitted goods made of microfibre polyester without any difficulty

The SynthMaster can dye fabrics without difficulty where other machines have to capitulate. The SynthMaster is able to dye even non-preheat-setted woven goods made of polyester as well as Lycra blends of cotton, Rayon, Nylon and Modal fabrics in open-width form without any rope marks or edge curling. To dye the non-preheat-setted polyester fabrics free of creases, the fabric is displaced extremely gently in the chamber and glides to the front free of compression, tension or stress.


  • Programmable nozzle for adjusting to fabric weight variations and programmable speed controlled internal fabric plaiter.
  • Self cleaning filter with automated monitoring of lint buildup.
  • Lowest liquor ratio of any water driven piece dyeing machine, through optimized chamber.
  • Fast unloading with frequency controlled unloading winch.
  • Programmable winch with digital speed indication.
  • Fast heating gradients with high capacity heat exchanger.
  • Halogen lighting for the inside of the machine.
  • Programmable nozzle pressure through speed controlled pump and differential pressure control feed back loop.
  • Pre-fabricated connection piping system.
  • Automated add tank with dosing and mixing function.
  • Dosing pump.