Hydroc 8/10

Hydro-Extracting / Hydroc 8/10

Hydro-extractor HYDROC Type 8 and 10

The process

The yarn package is loaded into a stationary basket at the loading opening of the extractor. On a round turntable, the basket is slowly and continually traveling in a large circle. Once the basket leaves the loading area, it disappears underneath the centrifuge housing where the bobbin is accelerated to 5500 – 6500 RPM. The acceleration is achieved by a drive belt, which is continually kept in motion by the central drive motor. Deceleration is achieved by an inductive brake. This magnetic braking system has no moving parts and has the great advantage of noise reduction and reduced wear on bearings, supports and sheaves. The loading and unloading process of one package at a time allows for continuous operation of the hydro-extractor.

Detail Description

The centrifuge heads are made of high-strength aluminium. The high rotational speeds of up to 6500 RPM allow for high dewatering efficiency with low residual humidity in the package.

The closed water drainage system from the centrifuge heads to the plant’s drainage pit and a rugged flat machine cover over the rotating baskets assures that the hydro-extractor remains dry and operates at low noise levels.

The new machine is equipped with a contactless and wear-free electro-magnetic brake. The permanent magnets do not need electric power.

This type of brake has the advantage that no indefinable forces affect the pulleys, rubber bearings and ball bearings. Due to the contact-free braking the noise level is reduced remarkably. The brake does not need maintenance.

The loading height of one meter above floor level is optimal for ergonomic loading and unloading. The hydro-extractor and RF dryer can be operated by the same person.


  • Type 8:     320 – 400 packages per hour
  • Type 10:   400 – 500 packages per hour