Light booth LB

Laboratory / Light booth LB

Light booth LB

The light booth LB is used to visually evaluate colors under different light conditions. The inner side of the cabinet is coated with grey color meeting standards such as ASTM 1729 and ISO 3664. The robust table design comes with the following lamps:

  • D65 (Artificial Daylight AD) 6500K
  • INCA (Typical incandescent home light) 2850K
  • CWF (Cool White Fluorescent: Typical store or office lighting) 4100K
  • TL84
  • UV (Ultraviolet)

Main advantages

  • Shade evaluation of textiles, coatings, plastics, packaging, paper, etc.
  • Versatile since supplied with the 5 most commonly used light sources.
  • Other lamps than the standard can be used and supplied.
  • Pleasant and durable table design.
  • Good price-performance ratio.