Chemical Dispensing System CDS

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Chemical Dispensing System CDS

The Chemical Dispensing System CDS is used to supply textile machines and other machines with liquid chemicals. Depending on the controllers being used on the machines they are supplied with chemicals in fully automatic mode, meaning that the controller of the machine requests the required chemicals and the Chemical Dispensing System CDS supplies these and confirms that the correct amount has been sent to tank requested.

A standard system is equipped with 3 main modules:

  • Controller
  • Chemical dosing module including the chemical pumps
  • Distribution module

Each module can be placed independently somewhere inside the factory so that also complicated layouts can be realized. For example, one chemical dispensing module can supply two dyehouses by using two distribution modules. The heart of the Chemical Dispensing Module is the Coriolis flowmeter, which measures the mass going through the flowmeter accurately (up to 0.5 % of the requested amount, depending on the amount being measured).